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 Thinking on the History of the World

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PostSubject: Thinking on the History of the World   Tue May 19, 2015 2:13 pm

A bit of a while ago, I was writing a bit, elaborating on a 'mapping' of the history of the world; being an ambitious one that encompasses a history of all things, and mapping out a possible origin. It's akin to F.W.J. Schelling's 'Ages of the World' project, where he himself tried to uncover the 'hidden' (or 'unconscious') origins of all life. Along with including the phenomenological parts of history, which is often more delved into, we should also consider looking more into this 'hidden' aspect of history; the hidden spark that brings vitality to all things, and that which specifically drives us human beings to using our minds to both make sense of, as well as generate more of this 'creation'.

This version of history, for me, is synonymous with the 'Transmigration' of the Soul (both World Soul and individual soul), as in its eternal travelling in this labyrinth. Whether this may include a possibility of an afterlife (as in an eternal Heaven/Hell; either reincarnating literally into a different body, or an allegorical one within a lifetime), it's up to one's own individual inquiry into this new vast topic.

Alongside Schelling's ideas are Carl Jung's psychoanalysis, the Thunderbolts Project/Electric Universe paradigm, Comparative Religion (making sense of the spiritual to uncover our essence), the Supernatural/Paranormal, somewhat of Graham Harman's Object Oriented Ontology, and a deeper understanding of Politics (or 'Metapolitics' - as I'd like to call it).

By no means is this project really original, and I do not advocate convincing people of my endeavor into this History. Rather, this is supposed to be presented as to provoke others into inquiring this feet themselves.

A specific text that inspired me on this: http://www.rc.umd.edu/praxis/psychoanalysis/index.html

The Seven Principles of Hermeticism (from the Kybalion):

1. All is Mind
2. As Above, So Below
3. Everything vibrates
4. Everything is in polarity
5. All things are in motion
6. For every cause, there is an effect
7. All is gender (Male & Female)
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking on the History of the World   Thu May 28, 2015 1:30 pm

Will such an exporation venture beyond Hellenism's cosmotheory?
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Thinking on the History of the World
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