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 living to die, dying to live

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PostSubject: living to die, dying to live   Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:20 pm

In this time, what is worthy of living and dying for?
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PostSubject: Re: living to die, dying to live   Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:56 am

mannequin wrote:
In this time, what is worthy of living and dying for?

My children
children in general
the beauty of the universe, which includes everything in the cosmos, along with nature and the elements and animals and everything which flies lol
music - especially classical and slow smooth jazz
struggling and striving to be - and becoming more - in other words, our own personal human evolution
A simple short or long moment of reflection
even tears - they're cleansing, cathartic, they're a journey into our selves..

Oh, I forgot to mention you, mannequin - you're worthy of living for and Erik too. lol   Twisted Evil

Inasmuch as the dying goes, my children, children,
would I choose to die to avert a catastrophe - i could only hope. Do I have that much courage - can we know until we were actually faced with it?

God, there is really so much in this world worth living for. At the same time, life CAN change on a dime and perception is capable of changing in an instant - or is it really?

Oh, insofar as your sig goes, manneguin, I'm not so sure of that.
That's a process of development we choose for ourselves - and in some cases we would forego it for the sake of something else - unless we could have both.
Like a Star @ heaven
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living to die, dying to live
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