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PostSubject: Predictions   Predictions I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2015 7:55 pm

Men will continue to commit suicide at high levels.

Eventually they will start "waking up" then enter into a confusion fused with anger and madness, they will naively believe women are the enemy and the exclusive reason for their downfall and suffering.

They will develop a burning hatred for the female blaming them for their loss of control.

Some of the men will punish the female with non-seriousness, to remain a bachelor and to promiscuously exploit them, without ever taking responsibility, turning interaction into a game.

Responsibility will be looked down upon as a form of male enslavement used by the female to control and exploit men.

Some other men will punish the females by killing them for being"evil" as repercussion for their emotional and sexual discontentment, and for the lack societal control. The more "sophisticated" version of this man will start to wage war against Feminism and start to attack them in great masses, targeting buildings and blowing things up.

Some men will believe the same things without the hatred and just opt out of interaction with women completely, living a life of isolation and seclusion.

Some other men will embrace homosexuality as an alternative life style, due to their emasculation and feminization they will develop an emotional sexual attraction for men believing men are the loving sensitive gender of great meaning and companionship.

Other men will see the bigger picture and will opt out for the time being in order to reassemble themselves, hoping one day they will unite with other enlightened men. They will develop movements and start to fight the system, some of them will do so by any means necessary.

Females will believe that men are the cause all misery and evil in the world, and will jump on the feminism bandwagon. They will hope for a matriarchy where they dream of putting an end to this evil for once and for all, naively believing one day women will have complete control.

Other females will develop a similar burning hatred for the men and hope for their complete annihilation, in the meantime such women will turn away from men, embracing lesbianism as an alternative lifestyle as a refuge and salvation of comfort, affection and mutual hatred for men. Such women will also place the woman on a pedestal and glorify them as some kind divine being of great spiritual love and understanding.

Other females will see the bigger picture, grow increasingly tired of the feminization of men and it's effects, and no longer wish to suffer the collateral damage and burden of such a thing. They will start to denounce feminism and attempt reunite with men, encouraging masculinity, manliness and willingly submitting themselves trying to reverse all that has been done, they will promote a more traditional union and declare war against the system in a number of ways.

Some women will deteriorate quickly due to the fickleness and whimsical carelessness of men, and lack of responsibility. The system will intervene and administer medication to numb them into stability. Some of them will commit suicide.
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