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 What are you doing in your life right now!!?

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Arcturus Descending
Consciousness Seeker
Arcturus Descending

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PostSubject: Re: What are you doing in your life right now!!?   Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:33 am

mannequin wrote:
Arcturus Descending wrote:

Will you be bringing a cell phone?  Wink

ha, where i'm going i don't think i will need it. ive decided to focus all my energies on attempting to move to amsterdam for good, currently thinking up strategies to survive, ?

Are you moving for the tulips? Why Amsterdam?
Subsist in what way?

Quote :
start from the bottom and work my way up..
The bottom being...

Quote :
Will I make it? or will i die

Why question that? You're going to Amsterdam not Afghanistan.

I suppose that if you plan well, without delusion and living in a fantasy world you might make it, especially if you find some woman over there to take care of you - but would you really want that? Be a man!
Twisted Evil
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Arbiter of Change

Arbiter of Change

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PostSubject: Re: What are you doing in your life right now!!?   Fri May 01, 2015 12:47 pm

As an English student, this title irks me slightly.

It should either be:

"What are you doing right now?", which is asking what we are doing at this moment, what's occurring now.


"What are you doing in your life now?", which asks what is the longer process in our life that is in progress, but we don't have to be doing it at this exact second, f.e. reading a book, teaching or studying at a school/university etc.

Not intending to sound like a smartass, but it's an important difference for some of us  Laughing

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What are you doing in your life right now!!?
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